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What is the Booster Club All About?

The purpose of the WB/S Penguins Booster Club is to promote hockey, to support the players and their families, to perform charitable works in the community, and to encourage sportsmanship among fans and players. We have accomplished a lot in our history!

Yearly membership dues are $15.00 per adult member. All children under age 18 are free with a parent’s membership. Meetings are held at 7:30 pm, the second Monday of each month at the Wilkes-Barre Township Fire Dept., Matson St.Wilkes-Barre Twp.. Monthly member meetings feature guest speakers (usually players, coaches, or media personnel) and refreshments.

Here are just some of the things we do, as an organization:

  • The WBSPBC sponsors AHL and NHL bus trips that are open to all of our members in order to provide support to our team in its travels. We also host visiting booster club members when they visit our arena. This enables us to get to know other teams’ fans, sometimes making friends for life. Yearly member participation in the annual AHL Booster Club Convention is also a way to reach out to other booster club members around the league.
  • We provide a monthly newsletter, “The Tip of the Iceberg”, which is published eleven months out of the year and is free to all Booster Club members.
  • The Booster Club offers holiday hospitality for our players and coaches. This usually includes the giving of home-baked holiday cookies made by Booster Club members and distributed to our players and coaching staff.
  • The Booster Club hosts a “Meet the Players” party held early in the season. It offers an opportunity to mix and mingle with our players and coaches and get to know them. A year-end “Awards Banquet” for the team and members is also a Booster Club tradition. At least one player is seated at each table, space permitting.
  • The Booster Club works with and donates to various charitable organizations as well.
  • The WBSPBC has established a Welcome Committee to help our players and coaches adjust to life in our area by distributing packets of information & coupons, etc.
  • Fund raising is a part of the Booster Club’s agenda in order to help defray the cost of our charitable contributions and special events.
  • The Booster Club assists the Penguins front office with volunteers for handouts on game nights.
  • The sale of WB/S Booster Club fan attire and novelty items is part of the way we show our support for the team as well.
  • The most visible way we support our Penguins is by letting them know we are there when they are on the ice — with our voices!

If you are not a member at present, please keep in mind that membership has its advantages! Join today! Print off the membership form and return it to us in the (snail) mail. Or, be sure to visit us at the membership table that is located at the arena — behind sections 101.

Adult Members: 79                           Child Members: 20

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