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Board Members

Vicki Silva
Vice President
RoseAnn Foy
Peggy Johnson
Lori Nealon
Corresponding Secretary
Michelle Alters
Membership Director
Dan Mensch
Newsletter Director
Ray Yakobitis
Member At Large/Trips
Stew Thomas
Hospitality/Visiting Booster
Member At Large
Rose Guasto
Member At Large
Kathleen Thomas
Member At Large
Doreen Keeler
Media Relations and Photos
Danielle Baker
Paul Truman


Attention Visiting Booster Clubs!!!!!!

The Penguins Booster Club loves to get together with visiting boosters. If your club is planning a trip to  our arena please contact any of our board members to confirm when, what time and how many. We would love to host you for a pre or post game meal or maybe just food for the ride home. So don’t hesitate to contact us, we’ll get together and share hockey stories over some good food.

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